A simple light color apartment has unique Scandinavian style design mixed with modern classic forms was a great choice for a small space. Our client's vision was to have a calm but stylish interior  with enough space to organize all of the belongings in the apartment. Designer chose to add more pastel tones to the interior that matches simple furniture style with the right lighting to create spacious atmosphere. This decision also helped to increase a comfortable kitchen area with a small but roomy closet along the side wall. Even with more furniture in the apartment the space didn't look too crowded because of the help of incorporated special room niches. The bathroom was filled in completely with comfortable and spacious shower and also had a room for a bench and a hidden wall closet for washer and dryer. A soft  blue-green color was chosen to create a calm and relaxed atmosphere in the bedroom. The bedside tables were designed to repeat the small patterns of the bedroom wallpaper that had an openwork details